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How I started my own porn company (Part III)


My company was in business for a few months now. The main content was family fucking, with the occasional “I am alone and horny” stuff. So mostly, dirty, nasty and in my case real i****t porn. To be honest, at first fucking my mother and my sister filled me witch disgust. But after the first few times I began to enjoy it more and more. Now, we three, my mother, my sister and me, record nearly every day. Luckily we have enough ideas for scenes. But we came to our limits: Three characters weren’t enough personal to go on forever. It began to get repetitive, boring. Not for the actors, we had our… Read more

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When I lived in Hertfordshire we had neighbours who,s only daughter Frances was quite pretty, blonde with a nubile body usually dressed in a tee shirt and tight jeans with sandals, a petite young lady in pigtails. Wife Sarah, son Rick and daughter Christina Plus Myself were all invited to Franny,s s*******nth birthday party in our neighbours back garden and enjoyed the barbecue meal sitting in patio furniture next to their small heart shaped swimming pool as they had a fair amount of money, the father a well established television advertising executive. Franny and I had got along like I was a… Read more

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Mr. Woulfe and Red

First TimeFetishTaboo

"Please Mr. Woulfe, don't tell my parents." That was not the best thing to say to your guidance counselor after he caught you on your knees in the boy's lavatory. Curiosity on school grounds, it seemed, was a punishable offense in spite of me being of age. "You know that you just prostituted yourself, right?" He sighed as he glanced back at me. I hadn't considered that. I was curious and a classmate was willing to pay me for my time. It never occurred to me that prostitution was as simple as accepting money for sexual favors. Mr. Woulfe smirked as he held open his office door for me, "Le… Read more

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Second time sharing, part 2


Watching Monica fucked so well by James was so erotic and such a turn on, she cum 2 times in just the first round. His stamina along with his staying power was simply awesome to say the least. After he finished fucking my wife and dumping a good load into her he sat at the headboard of the bed, Monica moved to his right side after a little while of laying there with her legs spread, regaining her composure from receiving what must have been the fuck of her life, at that stage we didn't realize there was to be 10 more years of that. I took my place on the chair I earlier placed at the end of t… Read more

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Odd Job

TabooGroup SexMature

A mature mother/daughter threesome with Uncle Larry… ANOTHER FANTASY – I have been harvesting pictures long since forgotten on XH, which means the user has retired leaving pictures with titles that mean nothing and probably have not been seen since they were posted. Here is another of these, posted 8 years ago and barely a comment or a thumbs up, and my twisted old mind goes to work. I don’t know her, I don’t know who posted them, just old gold. I nearly… Read more

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My wife's story


This is a true story as told to me by wife.   My wife and a friend were out drinking and listening to music one night. Both of their husbands were out of town. Her friend was driving so she was only drinking sodas. They were having a great time and my wife was really getting pretty drunk when her husband’s step nephew showed up. I’ll call him Jimmy. They all sat and drank and got up and danced every once in awhile and after a few hours my wife’s friend got a phone call and had to leave. So my wife and Jimmy were left there and continued to drink until almost midnight. My wife was to d… Read more

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My Stepsister Hailey P8

MatureTabooGroup Sex

I was enjoying a lazy Monday morning in bed, it was the middle of the summer, collage didn't start for another few weeks, and I didn't have a care in the world! Until I realised this happy warm feeling I was experiencing wasn't just my good summer feeling, but something else, something physical in a area lower down on my body, and as I opened my eyes to see what was causing it, I saw to my surprise my slim brunette stepsister lying between my open legs, gripping my morning boner in her soft warm hand, while she eagerly licked it with her tongue, like it was a lollipop. "Morning!" she grinned u… Read more

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Jen and the Gloryhole

TabooHardcoreInterracial Sex

Jen and the Gloryhole My wife and I are the types of people willing to try new things. We are each other’s first time, and since then, we have been willing to experiment with new things. I spent the first year of marriage in Iraq, where on a whim, she would buy porn DVDs and mags and send them to me. What really threw me off was that the movies were almost always opened. When I asked her about it, she said she had to make sure there wasn’t anything too freaky, and then tell me which scene I should watch first. Fast forward twelve years, and she still has that same adventurous streak. While h… Read more

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White Supplement — The medical seduction


Mr. X, that’s what he was called by the nurses in the hospital. He did have a name, but only Dr. Stephanie knows it. She is the one who referred him to the hospital laboratory. He is the supplier of the white supplement called CUM. Yes, if you have thought about what it is. And he is the only supplier to this hospital. Because he was the only match when Doctor was doing a medical camp in a rural town 2 years ago. Stephanie asked for gentlemen to come as volunteers to bring the supplement to test for a possible medicine she was working at that time. Only 3 gentlemen came forward. And Mr. X wa… Read more

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Visit to see a hypnotist on stage got me in troubl

FetishGay MaleTaboo

I do admit to my love of wearing panties and stockings, or tights (pantihose) under my suits for work, gives me a real turn on. As a gay guy, looking at other men and wondering what they are like under their clothes, well hung, cut etc keeps me really horny. A few nights ago, one of my pals whom I have some great fun with, said he had tickets for a great Hypnotist would I like to go? Of course, I agreed and off we went. Shit, the show was awful. He picked on me as one of the last clients, should I say. He dragged me on stage (no pun intended) and tried to put me under. I knew he didn't succe… Read more

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The Swimming Pool Incident


It was during the School Holidays, a heatwave and was starting to get a keen interest in girls. My parents had gone on a two week holiday and I had been palmed off onto a friend of my Mum for the duration of their holiday. I wasn't complaining as not only did my mum's friend Sarah, have an outdoor swimming pool, but she had two daughters Claire who was the same age as me and her older sister Gemma, who was two years older at s*******n. Both very slim and attractive, although I was quite shy to make any kind of move on either of them, though they were both probably out of my league anyway. My f… Read more

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CHAPTER FOUR: Communication pretty much ended at that point. His hand moved to my breast and fondled it as he sought out my mouth with his. As our cheeks touched in our passion, I felt the prickling of his whiskers, which became distinct within days if he didn’t shave, and it was another part of him that yelled rugged and manly. But, like now, the person inside was sometimes different, softer, and yielding. The seeming contradiction experienced simultaneously was in itself tremendously arousing, and the best part was that he didn’t seem to know it. Between what was in my head and what… Read more

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Our second adventure, true

TabooGroup Sex

After that hot night with Eric it was round 3 years later when I again organised another guy to join us. We fucked like rabbits from the hot talk and constant reliving of the night we had with him. So, after having the k**s and they were old enough for sitters to look after, Monica's lovely slim body and breasts returned to their loveliness I placed and advert in the personals section of the same paper that Eric advertised in. M/C: Married couple, 35 years seeking understanding switched on gents to help husband satisfy slim attractive wife, age open, married gents also welcomed. Frank reply… Read more

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Innocence destroyed.

TabooGroup SexAnal

Jack thought long and hard after his daughter had left. He thought about how easily he had fallen into this world of decadence, wondering if those feelings for his daughter and later his granddaughter had always been there below the surface. He needed to get some support from somewhere, the only place he could think of was the internet. His limited excursions into that world had already opened his eyes to practices he had never previously thought of. He had been searching round different websites for over an hour when he happened across one that contained people relating their personal experi… Read more

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The Exchange Student (Frenchie)

TabooFirst Time

The Exchange Student (Frenchie) This story is true, and it happened when i was about 19 yrs old, and had just finished school. It was a summer, and after a few weeks of bumming around, I worked in a big electricity company in the city nearby, where for the first time in my life, I was making great money with little effort. All I had to do was take the tram two stations, get out the car, walk 40 meters, ring the doorbell, and I was in the living room of the parents of a certain girl. That girl had been in my volume, or age group in school, cause in our school system, there is 13 grades, prepar… Read more

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Blowing My Big Brother

First TimeTabooMasturbation

Freia had never quite felt like she fit in. It's the nature of being a step-sibling, and it's only amplified when your connection to the family isn't around any more. She knew that she was lucky, really, that her "father" had taken her in the way that he had after Freia's mother left town - he'd had no obligation to, and he'd never shown even a hint of resentment. They'd tried to include her, they'd done everything that they could, but nothing had helped. She didn't feel like she fit in, she'd never really felt like a part of the family. She didn't have a place here, and she didn't think she… Read more

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A Whore, For The Last Time


“ WHERE R U ? “ I read the text and tossed my phone on the passenger seat. I just needed to get fucked. Really fucked. My sister was up my ass about this thing I had to take care of but this had to be taken care of first. I saw the motel on the right hand side of the road. Quickly I hopped out of my car as carefully as possible. I couldn’t mess up my outfit. Once I spotted room 4 I knocked 3 times and two more as instructed. The door opened so quick, the wind from it almost knocked my freshly done curls loose. There he was, so sexy. “ Nico. “ “ Wendy. “ We greeted each other with a smil… Read more

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A Deal With My Step-Sister Part 2


A few days of enjoying Kelly's arse had made me impatient for more. Things were progressing and if I was honest with myself they were happening faster than I had dared to hope. Kelly didn't flinch any more when I groped her arse and she would only giggle when I pushed my hand down her pants and played with her arse. Even when I was rubbing her rosebud and softly pushing she only cooed and looked at me with an amused grin. If I didn't know her better I would say she was getting into it I watched Kelly clean my cum from her arse again, inspecting it between her fingertips. I had the strangest… Read more

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a cherry for her brother

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

When I went to live with my father and his wife it was because they were in the US and it was a better opportunity for me than living in the Caribbean I didn’t think it would open any more opportunities than studying and getting ahead until I met my step sister. She was s*******n when I moved over there and quiet the spunky girl. She was dark skinned like her mother with soft curly black hair like mine a gift from our dad’s mixed ancestry. She was about five foot four and around a hundred and thirty pounds. She was plump though her plumpness at her age was all eye popping. Her adolescent brea… Read more

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A chance at a new sex life: Part 6


Last night’s sleep was very restless. With the pain and with the dreams I was having. Most of the dreams consisted of myself with either Stacey or Laura. Always ended the same way. I woke up before the best part. Normally on Sundays I have work but going with the doctors and mom’s advice, I’ve taken the day off. Derek seems ok about it when I speak to him. Holly will be just as gutted as I was on Thursday when she was off, that I’m not there. Again, I spend most of the day in my room. I remember that I took that video for Laura so I jump onto my laptop and load it up onto an USB, I don’t wat… Read more

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