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Taboo Porn Stories

Real story of a Pakistani couple part 2

Gay MaleTabooFirst Time

Hi guyz i am back with the part 2 of my story. In the previous part i explained how my wife expose her real face of a slutty woman and how i get blowjob by her sexy friend Sarah infront of her... Continue.... .... That day when we came back home from sarah's home, i was much eager to ask the reality of my wife and without wasting any moment i asked that what the hell is all this just tell me or otherwise i will give you divorce. Now this is a serious threat and she replied this time with much louder voice then mine...she said how the hell you can give me divorce, do you have money to face the… Read more

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The Cousin

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

Several years have gone by and I have only told one person this story. Since it's been a while I decided to tell the story, if not for anything else, just to remember. My wife and I had been going through some tough times. I'm not sure where it started but after 10 years of marriage we had sort of lost our way romantically. We tried counselling and it seemed to be going nowhere. Anyway, my wife had a cousin who came to visit over a weekend. Now my wife is very pretty and it runs in her family. I'll call the cousin Kim. She had a very nice, trim body and a beautiful face and short, blond hair.… Read more

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Isolated with Tommy's step mom 6

First TimeTaboo

Lora and I just laid around most of the day not doing much of anything other then enjoying each others company. I know we only just got together a short time before but, at just a look we seem to know what each other was thinking. We made supper together, and when I was looking in the fridge I was a can of whipping cream, and my first thought was I know what's for desert. Lora seen what I was holding and just shook her head but, had a smile at the same time. After we ate we went into the living room to watch a movie. As we went through the menu on netflixs I saw 50 shades of grey. We decided… Read more

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Nancy p, chapter 5

TabooGroup SexHardcore

Chapter 5, Our Last Evening Ashore When a woman learns she is with c***d, as the old expression goes, there are two potential thoughts that can pass through her mind. One is the horror knowing she carries an unwanted “thing” in her body. Emotionally, the idea is so unsettling, she cannot bring herself to accept the life within her as a future person. No, it is simply a mass of foreign cells and can be removed if desired as easily as removing a wart. For me, I wanted this c***d nearly as much as I wanted the father. I had been spared the morning sickness so common to other women and I look… Read more

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I love that story

Shemale PornTabooFirst Time

A transformation from boy to Sissy I have always wanted to wear pretty things since I can remember. I watched my older sister getting ready to go out with her friends, to school, or just hang out. I watched her pamper herself with soft sexy lingerie, stockings, garter belt and everything else a pretty girl would wear. I wanted to be a girl, just like her. I started my journey into womanhood in my teen years by borrowing a pair of my sister's panties, then it was her bra, then her stockings and garter belt. This borrowing went on for a while until I was discovered, not caught but discovered. Th… Read more

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Valentines Day!

Group SexVoyeurTaboo

Since our escapades last summer, things had slowed down a lot for us, nothing new that would be worthy of a story. Then Valentine’s Day rolled around, and as it was a Friday, I took a half day off from work to spend the day with the wife. We went out and then came home to chill. As we got more relaxed, she’d excused herself, and changed into a long red nightgown, and we found ourselves snuggled together as we watched a movie. To get to the meat of the story, I’d ended up kissing on her neck and ears, which turns her on as good as anything. A glass of red wine didn’t hurt things either. Then th… Read more

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Seeing My Niece Off to College (Revised)


SEEING MY NIECE OFF TO COLLEGE (Revised) I had written the first half of this story this story and submitted it. If they do publish it, it will be the same as the 1st part of this, so you can skip to Part 2 My niece Lilly and I have been having an almost steady affair since she turned 18. When Lilly was young, her father skipped out and her mother essentially spaced out so I stepped in to fill the void. I have supported her mother financially since Lilly was small and provided emotional support to Lilly as she grew up. We have grown closer and closer through the years and it all cumulated th… Read more

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Fuck my brother Girl

TabooFirst TimeBDSM

My brother was older than me.His girl was 10 years younger than me. My brother used to work in the city. So his family also lived with him.His wife also used to work.Went to his brother in one day. I reached brother's house at 8 am. My brother's girl went to school at 7 in the morning. And brother and sister-in-law at 9 o'clock.So he went to the office after making me tea breakfast. And said, Somya will come at 12 o'clock. (His girl's name was at the time.)One key of the house used to be equitable. After the departure of brother and sister-in-law went to take bath.I looked in the bathroom. Sis… Read more

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Pauline The Slut - Part 28: House Party


My husband returned to the house at the end of the second week. He came to the cage, took out his cock and put it between the bars. I took it in my mouth and sucked. “Therese has gone back to college. She is devastated by your depravity. She has been so lucky to have Beth to help her get through this. They’ve become best friends. Therese agrees that I have to divorce you.” I stopped sucking “Keep sucking slut unless you want Beth to come up and play with you because that’s what will happen if you stop again. Now about the divorce, I’m going to lodge the papers in the Court House on Monday. A… Read more

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Cheating coworker lets me ejaculate inside of her,


It was about 2 months into a new job I had gotten in a small office. It was just my and 3 women in there, two in long term relationships and one to old for me. It was a normal office job where I had an office and my own space. The job itself was challenging and I was beginning to feel like it was too much work. The days seemed long and when I got home I would think about work all night. One of my coworkers Joss took the bus with me in the mornings. We began talking and building a work related relationship. Halfway through a terrible week Joss texts me that she is cold and I tell her she needs… Read more

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Love in-law family


This is a true story and I have chosen to write this anonymously for obvious reasons. If you're offended by it or don't believe it's true that is your prerogative and I'm not here to convince you one way or the other. Ever since my wife and I started dating there was a mutual attraction between her mom and I. In the beginning I think we both did our best to not let the attraction become anything more than that. She would make comments to my wife about me like that she found a good one or how handsome she thought I was. I would also comment on how attractive her mom was and my wife would jokin… Read more

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Gator Bait and Hog Food

TabooFirst TimeMature

I stood looking out the door of my new digs, It was a sliding door and the glass portion was open. I heard giggling and turned and saw three little girls walking hand in hand out on to the pool deck. The middle and largest one wore a short terry robe and had towels over her shoulders. Older sister, about 14 or 15 taking her little sisters out to play. They sat at a table near the pool and the middle one threw a ball a short distance on to the grassy area beyond the pool. The smallest one ran and got it. She tried to throw it back but it only went about half way. I decided to be a good guy and… Read more

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Jerry's World - Beverley's Friend


I wasn’t sure if Lynn had ever seen a cock before but there was no mistaking I was aroused, “WOW Jerry” she sighed softly as she looked at my angled bulge, my shorts were a snug fit and I was only glad the button was holding out. Lynn giggled as she looked at the pulsing bulge, “Have you ever seen a penis before Lynn” I asked with a cheeky wink and she looked up at me taking another gulp of her beer. “It’s not something I am really interested in” she replied confirming her sexuality and I thought for a minute that my erection was all in vain. “Do you want to touch it then?” I asked her as I l… Read more

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Fuck my brother's girl

TabooLesbian SexGroup Sex

My brother was older than me.His girl was 10 years younger than me. My brother used to work in the city. So his family also lived with him.His wife also used to work.Went to his brother in one day. I reached brother's house at 8 am. My brother's girl went to school at 7 in the morning. And brother and sister-in-law at 9 o'clock.So he went to the office after making me tea breakfast. And said, Somya will come at 12 o'clock. (His girl's name was at the time.)One key of the house used to be equitable. After the departure of brother and sister-in-law went to take bath.I looked in the bathroom. Sis… Read more

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Nancy’s story. Chapter 2


Chapter 2, The Awakening After hours of love making, my vagina contained his cum because my engorged labia trapped it inside preventing it from leaking out. I wanted that too! Eventually, jet lag caught up with him as did hours of lovemaking well into the approaching dawn of a new day and chapter in my life. We fell into a restful sleep in each other’s arms sleeping until the sun light penetrated my sleepy eyes. I slipped out of our bed to make a pot of coffee. Sofia wandered into the kitchen rubbing her eyes wearing panties under a large Tee shirt. “Well, how was it?” I simply gave h… Read more

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Nancy, floresstella

MatureTabooGroup Sex

Preface This is Nancy’s story. It is based on actual places, people, facts, desires, and more than a touch or two of fantasy. It includes activities and people she wanted in the plot. Most are very real, actual people she said knows. Some are people I know. Please understand, as a man, I would never harm a c***d nor take advantage of the weak. Nor would I have sex with the daughters of my wife. Adding that to the story was her Idea. Alford, Lord Tennyson published a collection of poetry in 1842 that contained the poem “Ulysses”. Tennyson had just lost his father and was forced to move in wit… Read more

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Not my Mom lol Part 2

Group SexTabooMature

Since that afternoon, I’ve been keeping close to home when I can. You might say. I’ve become a bit of a “Home Boy” using the excuse that studying is taking up all my time, I don’t get out much apart from some sports, but the upside is I get lots of beautiful hot CUNT. Keeping it cool sometimes is a problem, watching Mom in the garden from a window gets my cock semi-hard. Moms always busy and enjoys gardening, one afternoon I was watching her in the back yard from a top floor window, watching her from this advantage point I could see down her top, her massive full tits stretching the material… Read more

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The Dilemma Of a Hindu Wife


The long awaited day had arrived—Kayalvizhi's wedding. Her parents were incredibly relieved. She was the black sheep of the family, as her grades had always been poor. Her family had money, but unfortunately for her, their Tamil Brahmin community valued education more than wealth. She had failed out of school, and though her parents told people she was getting a degree online, they had secretly sought a groom for her. Her relatives commented that it was lucky she was at least beautiful. Unlike most of her cousins, she was getting married at a young age of 20 years. Her fiancé, Anand, was from… Read more

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How we became swingers


Good evening loves, I hope everyone is well, tonight's story is how we became swingers. So let's go back 15 years to when we were first married, I was a super cute 22 year old and my handsome hubs was just shy of being 22 himself. Well one night I was out with a group of girlfriends, after a few drinks my one friend (we'll call her Zoe) was feeling pretty good, good enough in fact to drop the bomb on us that her and (Mitch) were going on a double date the next evening and she was hoping that they would all go home together. Curiosity peaked and I questioned her, why would you do that? "For e… Read more

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Bayley-Patra: Goddess Beside Me - WWE Diva Fanfic


by Nikolai Blagov DCBO$$ from wrestlingffp.forumcommunity. net Another first person POV story, especially for the Bayley fans here, who would enjoy this fanfic. You watch a horror movie all alone, as suddenly Bayley comes to you. Bayley: Hey… Whatcha watching? You: Oh, just watching some Friday The 13th. Bayley: Friday the 13th…...Odd title…...wait…..this isn’t a horror movie is it? I told you before how I feel about horror movies… You: Well, it’s not really…. Bayley: It’s not? You promise? Scooch over, don’t hog the couc… Read more

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