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Old lady fucks her cross- dressing friend


Hazel was fed up using her fingers and dildos and fed up of being one of the invisible elderly generation. She wanted more – a lot more – sex, so she decided to expand her sexual horizons. To ensure that she put an advertisement on the web. "Larger mature lady, single, (70), open minded seeks new experiences, fun and frolics. I am 5’ 4”, dress size 18 with 36D bust and welcome either gender and any age. She was amazed that it attracted a few older cross-dressing men, which surprised her greatly but being intrigued, agreed to meet some of them. She knew that while they liked dressing in women’… Read more

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How I started my own porn company (Part III)


My company was in business for a few months now. The main content was family fucking, with the occasional “I am alone and horny” stuff. So mostly, dirty, nasty and in my case real i****t porn. To be honest, at first fucking my mother and my sister filled me witch disgust. But after the first few times I began to enjoy it more and more. Now, we three, my mother, my sister and me, record nearly every day. Luckily we have enough ideas for scenes. But we came to our limits: Three characters weren’t enough personal to go on forever. It began to get repetitive, boring. Not for the actors, we had our… Read more

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Girls Lunch

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They had both retired early, although Alice was well into her sixty’s she was still beautiful and had a hot body her natural 40D’s did not sag at all, and she has an ass to die for. She had gone thru the change and came out on the other side safe to ride bare back, and constantly wet, actually dripping when played. Greg her husband on the other hand, after years of beating up his body in various endeavors, working and an inherited illness had left him with a shrunken cock that could not hold an erection. The hell of it is of the two of them Greg was the horny one. Alice was always very vanilla… Read more

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Meeting an older woman


So I decided to try my luck on AFF. I am desperate to wat pussy because my wife doesnt let me and doesnt like it. So I finally had a woman interested age was only 20 miles away and 68. Did not send a pic or anything but her address. Told me she was home on my evening free to come on out. I was unsure if I should go being very little info. But I went anyways. I pulled up to the house and the outside was very nice. But all the lights were off. Do I knock and wake the wrong person up? Or do I take a chance? I went up nervous ass hell and knocked. I here a lady say come on in. I slowly opened the… Read more

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The New Sales Girl -Part Four


The New Sales Girl - Part Four Robert rang my door bell at 7:00 the next morning. I wasn't dressed but I answered the door wearing one of Mark's Harley Tee shirts and nothing underneath. I had slept in it. Robert had another bag of clothes with him and said these would be my outfit for the day. I told him I would shower and be right back. He told me he'd like to watch me shower and shave so I took him by the hand and led him back to my bedroom where I stripped off the Tee shirt and he watched as I soaped up and then shaved my… Read more

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Odd Job

TabooGroup SexMature

A mature mother/daughter threesome with Uncle Larry… ANOTHER FANTASY – I have been harvesting pictures long since forgotten on XH, which means the user has retired leaving pictures with titles that mean nothing and probably have not been seen since they were posted. Here is another of these, posted 8 years ago and barely a comment or a thumbs up, and my twisted old mind goes to work. I don’t know her, I don’t know who posted them, just old gold. I nearly… Read more

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Soccer Moms surprise

First TimeGroup SexMature

Another long story, sorry, if you have time to read, please do. As I have found out from my other stories some of you like to know what I look like as you read, it helps the story along, or so I am told. Password for the album called, “Just having a drink or two” and is apt for the story is, Tina2. I am Mrs Tina Jones age 51, a very happily married mother of two. Our two sons are now 18 and 21, both are very different, 18 year old is quiet and very rarely goes out and is happy to stay home with his phone and his game consoles, while our 21 year old is into sport, lots of different sports, his… Read more

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My Stepsister Hailey P8

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I was enjoying a lazy Monday morning in bed, it was the middle of the summer, collage didn't start for another few weeks, and I didn't have a care in the world! Until I realised this happy warm feeling I was experiencing wasn't just my good summer feeling, but something else, something physical in a area lower down on my body, and as I opened my eyes to see what was causing it, I saw to my surprise my slim brunette stepsister lying between my open legs, gripping my morning boner in her soft warm hand, while she eagerly licked it with her tongue, like it was a lollipop. "Morning!" she grinned u… Read more

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SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- volume 10

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SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- volume 10 - FEMALE COPS ON THE BEAT Hazel had been a Boston policewoman for 10 years now. One of the first, and at 40 she could hold her own against any bar bouncer. She usually had a bite to eat before her midnight shift. She always ate at the Rooster, which was a strange name for a joint that opened late in the morning and closed late at night. The usual waitress was Carla who had worked there even before Hazel was a cop. She was probably in her early 50s but still quite a looker. ‘I like the red hair”, said Hazel when she sat on one of the many empty stools.… Read more

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Driving Instructor


As I have said in other stories another true story that I have to add is about when I was taking driving lessons. I started driving fairly late in life when I was about 32, I lived in an area with little public transport I needed to be able to get around. I selected a driving school and arranged my first driving lesson for 11.00 am. I got involved with doing things and was surprised when the instructor knocked on my door. As anyone that has read any of my other stories I do not generally wear a bra, but was going to on this day as I was getting into a car with a male stranger. Anyway he caught… Read more

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Large Cock Wins Again

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It all happened in a bit of a rush. I didn't plan it and expect it to happen -- it just did. It was a spur of the moment thing that I knew was wrong -- but I couldn't help myself. I regret it now -- but too late. I needed to drop some paperwork off to my best friends house. It was a couple of miles away so I decided to walk over there. I knocked on the door and was surprised to see my friends son Dan answer. He was also a bit embarrassed. It turned out he was skipping school without his mother knowing. Anyway he told me that his mother was not due back until 4pm. So I handed him the paperw… Read more

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CHAPTER THREE: Roughly a month later, we had settled into something of a routine. We still hadn’t gotten out to do shopping for me. I was still wearing his large tee-shirts, tank tops, and the old dresses I had taken in and shortened. I still used the guest room, but there were nights that I now spent with him in his bed. We were casual and neither of us spoke about the future, our desires, or specific expectations. Except for the case with FBI, of course. That one topic took us into the future with expectations and scheduling. It was late summer now, the days were still bright and h… Read more

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it started with a kiss


It all started…with a kiss. I crawled up the sofa on my hands and knees and requested a kiss, but I got more than I intended – his hand was in my knickers aiming straight for my clit. That first stroke of my clit, top to bottom, making my legs shudder. We kiss as he makes a common assault to my clit with his fingers, making me groan into his mouth… “That’s it, there’s my girl.” A short while later I hear that familiar growl: “Do you want to cum for your Master? Show me who you are.” “Yours Master, yours.” I rapidly breathe. “Then show me, cum for me.” I explode. Full of surprises he chu… Read more

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Surprise Threesome in Retirement Village

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It is me again, Molly the kinky granny from the retirement village. I thought that this story should include a couple of my friends who have not featured in my stories before. This time I will also introduce a cock into the mix. I have been on the prowl for some new talent in our village and came across a couple that really aroused my interest. I first noticed them because of their garden, which was so unusual I was fascinated and wanted to know more. I have a succulent garden. Lots of beautiful plants that do not require watering and can produce stunning flowers. The shapes are also some of t… Read more

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Office hijinx


She was 57, matronly, not that good at her job and sometimes a bitch; I should have fired her years ago. It happened on one of those days when I was ridiculously horny. I heard her get up to the bathroom and I snuck out to the front office and grabbed her purse. I knew some women carried an extra pair of pantyhose in their purse. I carefully opened her purse and nothing. I looked in her tote and the bitch was wearing knee high. Well, I was in need, so I took them; I roll them on my cock like a condom. I put everything back under her desk and went back to my office. I ran the office, so normal… Read more

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The New Sales Girl - Part Three

BDSMMatureLesbian Sex

The New Sales Girl - Part Three Finally the door opened again and the blindfold was removed. I was looking at Robert's shoes. He pull me up and removed the handcuffs then asked, "So how would you like to work for me DeAnn?" He sat down in the chair and told me I could pull up my jeans and get dressed again. I did and he told me to sit back down on the floor. So looking up at him I asked, "What kind of work would you like me to do Sir?" He smiled and said, "I'd like to start you out as my 'New Sales Girl" here in the lingerie… Read more

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my first

First TimeGay MaleMature

One man that always turned me on, mature, sexy, intelligent and horny. I admired him from afar and heard rumours that he was 'gay'. He was a lot older than me but in great shape. We ended up working in teh same part of the building, I got talking to him a few times and the more I did the more I wanted him. Offering to stay behind and help one evening just to be near this sexy guy. Afterwards he said, hay I give you a lift home as a thank you. We drove the short distance home talking non stop to each other. do you ahve a girlfriend he asked. No I replied. Anyone you after he asked, no I lied. A… Read more

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Never judge a book.......


I've known John forever, we were next door neighbours as k**s, played together, stayed over at each others houses, did almost everything together, i had 4 brothers, John was number 5, growing up we explored life together, including our bodies, just silly stuff lol, i showed him my knickers, that kind of c***dish stuff but it reinforced our relationship, we became, and still are, completely at ease with each other and trust each other 100%, as teenagers we helped each other through the hard times of teenage crushes and all the stuff that happens , the bond between us meant we slept in the same… Read more

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DeAnn The New Sales Girl - Part Two


The New Sales Girl - Part Two Robert explained to me that he owned two stores side by side over at the large mall downtown. He told me one was a upscale lingerie shop and the other was a shoe store. I thought about all the sexy clothes and shoes I had seen at his mansion and I realized how easy such a collection must be for him to aquire. So it seems he planned to take me for a visit to both of his stores today. He said, "You may remove my cock from your mouth now and then you can go out to my car and get the bag in the back seat. I said, "Yes Sir" and got up. I was wearing jeans and white he… Read more

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Kilt Night at Cupidon

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Kilt Night at Cupidon, Paris It was Kilt Night at the Cupidon in Paris. I had no idea before I went. I hadn't been to Cupidon for several years, but that night it just happened that my hotel was nearby and at 11pm I felt like going out for a little walk. When I arrived the girl at the reception asked me if I would like to wear a kilt. The idea had never crossed my mind. So the game went like this. First I had to put on a kilt. To be more precise, she helped me to put on my kilt, which was lots of fun because I had to take my trousers off, and then also my boxers, because of course the kilt h… Read more

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