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Aunt Cathy's Special Boy


She just walked in and told me straight. Shocked, all I could do was stare, the weight of my hanging jaw a vague impression. “Dirty b**st,” she said, glaring. Her fists were on her hips. Fire flashed from her eyes. I thought she was magnificent. I knew what she was talking about, but it played dumb. This was trouble. I’d over-stepped the mark by several long strides. I blurted out, “What? What are you talking about?” My face gave me away. I couldn’t control the heat rising in my cheeks and I knew I was burning red.… Read more

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80 year old acquaintance


I was in the village shop buying my daily shopping when I met an elderly man. I discovered that unusually for this part of Croatia he spoke very good English. He was a retired Secondary School teacher and was interested to hear I was teaching English as a foreign language. I must admit that I had not considered him possibly attracted to me; I was wearing sandals harem pants thong and bra and a loose fitting yellow top. However I noticed that he had what I thought was his spectacle case in his shorts pocket. As he bent over to select something for his basket I realised he had an erection and in… Read more

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Rough Sex With A Busty Indian Erotica Reader

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It’s been so long since I wrote my first story and here I am with my next story which also happens to be my real-life experience. This story is about how I fucked a reader of my previous story. I am not going to reveal her identity and I am going to use a fake name “Carol” to represent her. A lot of readers contacted me through my email id and expressed their feelings. Carol was one of them.… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Evelyn


Our neighborhood is lucky to have a place where we can go to get a quick bite, a cup of coffee, or even a cocktail if you feel the need. Evelyn’s is a cozy diner I go to at least twice a week. The owner was a divorced lady that lived in the apartment upstairs and seemed to be open all the time. It can be a relaxing getaway by myself or a nice place for a little one on one conversation. Recently I agreed to meet an online friend there that I met on this site’s message board. Dirk and I shared a common sense of humor and a stro… Read more

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Filling the Void

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This past month my neighbor Natalie separated from her husband. I kind of knew it was coming from all of the late night arguments easily heard through my windows. Being the "nice" neighbor, I took it upon myself to help her out. While she was at work one day, I mowed her yard for her. I also took her trash cans up to the garage. Initially, I didn't tell her it was me. Her friend, Carla, was the one who informed Natalie of my good deeds. Now I will admit, I had always found Natalie physically attractive....from a distance :) To understand you see, Natalie was this small petite,dark haired, tan,… Read more

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Young admire for my wife.


I've always been turned on, by other men lusting for my wife. The funny thing is, that she never been aware of guys want to fuck her. When our daughter was 14, she had a lot of friends coming around, especially one was always very polite to my wife, always want to help. He was 18, and at the time my wife had just turned 31. I never really had any idea that he had a crush on her, but when our daughter went to boarding school, in an other part of the country, and he still came to visit us (her)... sometimes when I was at work, I guess "a light bulb went on" I know for sure that she never encour… Read more

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First lesson with mom

First TimeMature

Over the next week Jerry spent many nights thinking of his mother. Things were getting tougher in school. He was feeling more and more left out. John was still moving from girl to girl while he couldn't even get a first date. He attempted talking to Sherry one day when he saw her having her lunch alone under a tree. He went over to her and made up a story. Said he had lost the days assignment for a class they had in common. "Sure Jerry, I have it right here in my notebook," she said. He sat down beside her as she started looking through the pages. "So what do you have planned for this weekend,… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Emma


I’ve shared plenty of stories about the open relationship I have with my husband, and it’s no secret that I enjoy sex with women, and occasionally share my husband with some of my girlfriends. This isn’t all one-sided. DJ has taken advantage of the openness as well. I’ve caught him in bed with our friend Mona, and he admitted to sleeping with my best friend Laurie after our initial threesome last year. They got together several times while I was away on business and didn’t really try to hide it. I guess I shouldn’t have been s… Read more

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The Powder Room Job By Adam Brody

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Story The Powder Room Job July 18 1992 I was called to a house very early one morning. A middle age woman opened the door. She showed me the way to the bathroom and told me the shower was leaking. It was a beautiful day and the morning was hot already. As I was fixing the tap she came in with a nice cold drink. She introduced herself. Her name was Christine. She was wearing a nice bathrobe. Being so early in the morning I didn't take much notice of her appearance. Because she was much older then myself I thought she wouldn't be interested in me or I in her. Talking about the weather she sa… Read more

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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW … This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them. This is an office-slut story. This is a story around a mother, Connie Mason, and her daughter, Dawn. Connie is 36 and Barb is 19. Both women are trim with blonde hair that is straight and falls… Read more

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Back to theirs...part two of Kathysouth.....

MatureFirst TimeGroup Sex

The air was pretty charged as we slowly dressed and got ourselves together, after a thrilling romp in the woods together..........Phil and Kathy seemed pretty charged, and suggested a night cap ......back at theirs.... I was very excited at the prospect of more fun, and our fire had started something within, that had to be acted on, in those wild moments as we do... I agreed, on one condition, that i leave my car in a safe place and they drive me to theirs blindfolded, so i would never know where i am......which i thought would add to the spice of us playing again, hoping i would remain blind… Read more

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My Son, So Forbidden.


Oh God what was she doing she thought! Here she was embracing her own son, naked apart from a flimsy nightie which her son had managed to lift and bundle around her waist. Her pussy was wet, fully aroused. It had happened all so fast. Her young son, her only c***d, she should not be in his bed with him, naked as he is, as young as he is, and as sexually aroused as he most certainly is. It is wrong, oh so wrong, she must put a stop to it now. He was in Heaven. He could not believe this was happening, a dream come true. He was doing it for the first time and with the only person fan… Read more

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I wish my wife was this dirty - part VI


Anita was out for the morning doing her shift at the charity shop. I had wanted to get around to trying to fix a necklace of hers, which she had asked me do some days beforehand. It was a simple job so I had said to her I was not planning on taking it to the jewellers. Anyway, there I was with her jewellery box in front of me, seeking out an old necklace from which I could source a small metal loop. The box had a top tray, and as I removed it to search underneath, right at the bottom I found some memory cards, numerically labelled. My mind was of course diverted immediately from the job in ha… Read more

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First time in a swinger club (part three / Last pa


What happened so far and how it came that I was in a swinger club. If you want to know more, you are invited to read the first and second part of my story. Definitely to be found in my profile. Part 3 Now our kisses were wilder and more demanding. I stroked her breasts so that the nipples were immediately harder and I felt to my joy that she wore nipple piercings on both sides. Suddenly, in the midst of a kiss, she paused briefly and pulled off her top as well as the brassiere. She had really nice, medium-sized, firm breasts and on both sides' barbell piercings through her nipples with large… Read more

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My Lesbian Near Miss Encounter

MatureFirst TimeAnal

Just the other day my best friend popped round to mine for a cuppa and a natter. She brought round a bag filled with sexy lingerie which she had recently purchased and decided to show me the items she'd got. She's roughly the same size as me but with bigger boobs which I've strangely admired in a secret way. She pulled out a few items, the usual suspenders and stocking, a nice see through black fishnet body stocking, various see through nighties, and a sexy blue Basque with matching blue stockings with a tiny matching blue thong. I suggested that the blue Basque looked very sexy and with t… Read more

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Cucked at a wedding - Part 1


After the first time my wife slept with another guy in February we had amazing sex for a few weeks and both agreed if the chance came up again she should take it. We were invited to a friend's wedding around the Easter holiday, as it was a couple of hours away so we needed to get a room at the hotel where the wedding was. The ceremony was nice enough and it was good to catch up with some old friends, but in reality we just wanted a nice meal and plenty of alcohol. Sitting down to the meal, we were with a few couples we knew which made it more fun and a guy on his own - being a sociable bunc… Read more

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Another beautiful fuck session


When I arrive at your house I notice the door is still open. Only slightly. I decide to enter without ringing the bell. I close the door behind me and walk further to the dining room. When I open the door I see a lovely spectacle. You are lying on the table on your back, legs wide open and your pussy oriented to the door. Right at me. I see you are playing with yourself. So much even there is already some of your fluids dripping on the table and floor beneath you. I walk up to you and stop when I stand next to you. Now you have noticed me, but you don't stop enjoying yourself. I hear the… Read more

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Slaves (Chapter One)

BDSMGroup SexMature

Chapter one: Introduced to the Art Lenarta had been idly fingering herself on the bed, as Galifssae and Reesha walked the boy into the chambers. She smiled. She'd been trying to imagine how he'd look, and she was pleased to say that he was even prettier than she'd hoped. The boy looked frightened. That was good. He had all the reason to be. The left the guards to wait outside the door. The huge, muscular women were ready to come in as soon as called. As he was walked further in, the boy's eyes went to the metal pole sticking out of the floor ever to the side, a cock-shaped part at t… Read more

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Religious Girl Prays Only To One Idol-1

Group SexFirst TimeMature

Well though culminating from such a pious seed and been delivered by a holy womb, I was religious in my own ways and you will know it soon. God had made me graciously, had the right mounds in all the right places. The boys in my society where all mumma’s boy’s, I thought they would even deflower their wife only after taking the permission from their mother. I never liked the boys my age, I was always interested in the Man. So whenever I had a chance to help any grandfather climb a stairs and use to lend my shoulder as su… Read more

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Laundry Day


She walked in on him stroking his cock. “Jesus, Billy,” she said through a gasp. Billy didn’t say a word. Didn’t flinch. Didn’t scramble in panic to cover himself, to hide it from his aunt. Just kept running his fist over his length. “God, will you just stop it!” she cried. He was on the narrow bed. It was halfway between her and the window which faced over the front garden. The curtains were open. Mid-morning, close to eleven. She could see every detail. Billy lay side-on to his aunt. He swivelled his fa… Read more

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