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We had been to Tony and Sally's New Years Eve party. I knew you didn't like Tony as you kept telling me he'd tried it on with you a few times, but after a couple of large red wines and the promise of sex when we got home, you were up for almost anything. You were wearing that little black dress you have, the one with the low cut bodice type top, exposing your great cleavage. Black high heels and black hold up stockings as well as your smallest black g string. There's no way you could wear a bra because of the top of your dress. I'm sure you noticed that every now and then as you were dancing,… Read more

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Ringing. There was incessant ringing, but Raghav was too tired, physically and mentally, to answer the door. "Come in," he yelled. More intensely the second time: "Come in!" Raghav could not have been more surprised to see his love Deepali, nor less surprised. Nothing made sense anymore. Not since she walked out. He never saw it coming until, well, until she announced one evening that it was time for "a talk." He didn't know about the bag packed in her closet. Nor that her co-worker Dev, the new owner of her heart, was waiting out in his car. That was what, a month ago? Two? Raghav wondered w… Read more

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Nancy, Chapter 4

MatureHardcoreLesbian Sex

Chapter 4, More anyone? Mother broke a barrier! In a way, I was not surprised. Sapphic love was not all that unusual between consenting female adults. It certainly was not the norm between us. This became the second time she tasted Chuck’s cum. I wondered if he was habit forming because I could become an addict. It was the first time she tasted me and I totally enjoyed it. It was a passive thing on my part. Well, sort of. It was a mental and physical act because I enjoy receiving oral pleasure and pushed myself on her until she did her magic with her mouth and tongue- and I climaxed. I sa… Read more

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MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

CHAPTER 3: THE GATEWAY BOYS My eyes crack open the next morning to the filtered light of a clear sky. The sheers softly move on the breeze. The muted sounds of my isolated property filter in through the open balcony French doors. I tentatively search the room without moving my head. I see nothing except the furnishings of my bedroom. I cautiously lift my head and turn my body to search further. I still see nothing. Of course, all seven could be here and I wouldn’t know it unless they materialize. I throw off the she… Read more

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May, 26,20220

Gay MaleMatureFirst Time

Are you gay Voyeur,s sub Disclosure This is your sub's result to the Are you gay? quiz, my answers in bold It's quite common for a person to fantasize about same-sex intercourse. In fact, many psychologists have theorized that we are all bisexual to a certain degree, the percentages varying from person to person. Have you ever asked yourself Am I gay? or Am I bisexual? Take this quiz and find out! The questions are in stages, just follow along and continue when prompted to find out just how gay you really are. STAGE 1 ======= 1. Do you like shemale pornography? (y/n) yes 2. When you watch… Read more

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Pussy Hole Club


Come one come all! Step right up! You are about to enter The Pussy Hole Club! This provocative, kinky and erotic club is made up of super horny women of all ages, shapes and sizes who like to get together and shove things up their pussy holes. Membership is free and Pussy Hole Club communities are popping up all over the globe. Dial 1- 800-PUSSYHOLE to get connected to a Pussy Hole Club near you! Membership Rules: 1. Each woman who comes to a Pussy Hole Club gathering must bring at least one object to put up their pussy hole. You can bring a man and use his dick to stuf… Read more

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First time I met Rose

First TimeMatureVoyeur

I moved out to went to uni at 18. Bit stupid as my parents lived about three miles from the university but still I was looking forward to being a big lad, making new mates, drinking and riding all round me. Unfortunately that didn't work out he way I'd hoped. Unfortunately the only friends I made were other guys interested in sci fi and Lord of the Rings stuff. Apparently girls aren't that interested in that kind of stuff so never turned up at the groups or games nights. Who'd have thought eh? Anyway I did get friendly with a guy I shared a house with, I'll call Ian. He was 24, graduated, lo… Read more

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Couples Encounter


The last message I received from her told me where to meet and what time. It was a local hotel not too far from where I was. I pull into the parking lot and check messages one last time, the message reads "My husband will meet you in the lobby and will bring you up to the room." which added a little bit of anxiety to the situation. Regardless I was going to go through with it all, I made it this far right? I walk into the lobby and I didn't know who to look for, perhaps he knew to look for me. I make it about half way through the lobby and I hear, "You Jay?" so I turn around and there he is wi… Read more

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"Honeymoon" with my gorgeous mature MOM

MatureFirst TimeFetish

While you're reading this magnificent story YOU will certainly CUM multiples times, so, grab your fleshlight, lube and napkins and enjoy the SHOW that Erica & Josh displays just for you. Real and amazing love story between me (Josh Gibson) and my mom (Erica Gibson). [...] "Are you sure you guys are going to be okay?" Hal Gibson asked his wife and son. "Hal, relax. We'll be fine," Erica replied. She turned and looked at her young son, who was pushing one final box into the back of their SUV. "Besides, I'm in good hands… Read more

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Ana double teamed by the pool


Saturday afternoon was a nice warm day; so, Anita and I were sunning at our back yard by the pool. The doorbell rang and I looked at my sexy wife, who was there topless. Ana said she was not expecting any visits and she stood up to answer the doorbell. A few moments later, she came back outside, followed by two of her office mates, Julio and Burt. My sexy wife had told me about some sex adventures she had shared with Julio… So, as I greeted both guys, I was sure my sensual wife was going to be fucked, just there in front of me. Burt had his eyes glued to Ana’s round boobs, since she had not… Read more

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Jeremiah... the biggest black cock I had ever seen

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That evening my beloved hubby came very happy and relaxed from his office and he invited me to have dinner outside. I accepted gladly, but I also warned him I was in the mood for a huge black cock that night. He just smiled and said I could pick up anyone I wanted at the bar after dinner… After a delicious dinner we went to a bar and had some few shots. We danced slowly as we kissed passionately and when we came back to our table, there was another full glass there for me that we had not ordered… I took it and scanned the bar to see where it came from. Then a tall black man nodded to me and… Read more

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Seeing My Niece Off to College (Revised)


SEEING MY NIECE OFF TO COLLEGE (Revised) I had written the first half of this story this story and submitted it. If they do publish it, it will be the same as the 1st part of this, so you can skip to Part 2 My niece Lilly and I have been having an almost steady affair since she turned 18. When Lilly was young, her father skipped out and her mother essentially spaced out so I stepped in to fill the void. I have supported her mother financially since Lilly was small and provided emotional support to Lilly as she grew up. We have grown closer and closer through the years and it all cumulated th… Read more

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Failing to Anita in bed

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That night I tried to fuck my sensual wife; but I was too stressed and tired; so, I could not make Ana cum in my dick. I slipped out breathing heavily and worn out… Ana then said she was still horny, because of my poor performance in bed… She finally told me about a black girlfriend at her office that had offered her own home in case Ana would like to fuck another man. My wife was delighted with that proposal and she asked me if I would mind knowing her was being fucked by a black man… Her girlfriend had told Ana she could go to her home and there she would be safe. That girlfriend and her… Read more

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My wife after drinks - a true story!


My wife has always had a low tolerance of drinking alcohol, so it doesn't take long for her to be under the influence. We have been married over 40 years, and I have enjoyed the fruits of her after drinks situations on many occasions. We live in a small ex mining community in Fife Scotland, where everyone knows everyone else. One time we were in a bar enjoying karaoke drinks, a few laughs with good company, and somehow invited a friend of our to come home with us after closing time. We had a couple more drinks at home, then I noticed my wife nodding off. I took her drink out of her hand and s… Read more

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The weekend part 2

Group SexMatureLesbian Sex

Again not sure how many parts going to make but will make sure its worth it every part. Took me a bit on how I wanted to start part 2 but think I came up with something good. If you forgot how 1 ended go back and read part 1 so this beginning makes sence here. Steve and Trish are upstairs in their room checking it out and Trish couldn't hold back anymore, after knowing that Mickie was sucking my cock as Steve drove us to the house. It was in her mind and driving her crazy but she knew her man Steve wasnt for road fun cause he couldn't concentrate on the road. But once in their room she attem… Read more

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Pauline The Slut - Part 28: House Party


My husband returned to the house at the end of the second week. He came to the cage, took out his cock and put it between the bars. I took it in my mouth and sucked. “Therese has gone back to college. She is devastated by your depravity. She has been so lucky to have Beth to help her get through this. They’ve become best friends. Therese agrees that I have to divorce you.” I stopped sucking “Keep sucking slut unless you want Beth to come up and play with you because that’s what will happen if you stop again. Now about the divorce, I’m going to lodge the papers in the Court House on Monday. A… Read more

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MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

It all started when I was a young teenager. I found some really hard core porn and, like so many other men, I got to watch two men fucking one woman on tape. In my youthful enthusiasm I studied the video over and over for years, watching every stroke as I jacked off and then came in my hand. It became a wonderful fantasy and a way to get my rocks off. Over the years, my idea of "normal" sex was sex where two men gave all of their attention to one woman. Of course, my idea of hot freaky sex was watching two women get it on, which I love thinking about nonstop as well. I never got to actually d… Read more

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Gator Bait and Hog Food

TabooFirst TimeMature

I stood looking out the door of my new digs, It was a sliding door and the glass portion was open. I heard giggling and turned and saw three little girls walking hand in hand out on to the pool deck. The middle and largest one wore a short terry robe and had towels over her shoulders. Older sister, about 14 or 15 taking her little sisters out to play. They sat at a table near the pool and the middle one threw a ball a short distance on to the grassy area beyond the pool. The smallest one ran and got it. She tried to throw it back but it only went about half way. I decided to be a good guy and… Read more

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The intruder (pt.2)


He keeps on telling "Of course tits this big can give some problems holding them; luckily there is plenty of stuffs useful to manage these. I'm not thinking about usual ones, like bras." The intruder unfasten his own belt sliding it under my wife's tits, then he pulls up both ends of the belt over her tits to fasten the belt around them. He makes the belt more and more tight around her soft juggs while my wife groans loudly "Are you going to strangle my poor tits?" The intruder looks down at her evilly "Oh no, not yet at least, I'm simply making them even more nice: look how they jut out obsce… Read more

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Knicker Nookie

MatureFirst Time

My name is Mike and I live in a small block of sheltered accommodation flats in North Wales. Most of the other tenants are, like me retirees with a couple of younger disabled people. One woman that fits into both categories is my neighbour, Hazel, who lives in the flat next to mine. She's in her mid sixties and has trouble walking far, but despite her age and disability, she's still very desirable lady and the subject of some my most intense nightly hand jobs. We're good friends and often have coffee in each other's flats and whenever I'm around her I seem to have a permanent hard-on and altho… Read more

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