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Carpenter apprentice a Craigslist add

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I had a add on Craigslist looking to hire a young person who wanted to learn the trade of Carpenter. I got a few applications. 4 guys and 1 female. The guys were shit all thinking they were entitled to $20 hr. Not knowing anything. k**s today... The job paid $10 hr and included lunch and a tool pouch filled with tools. But to learn the trade was a great opportunity. I was hesitated on hiring a girl, but there is a lot of women joining the workforce so I called her in for a interview. She never had a job or been on a interview so she asked me what she should wear. I replied with just pants an… Read more

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My Tranny Teacher 4

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This is a fantasy story. Every day left me feeling more horny and excited for our next tutoring session with Ms. Bennett (Becca). I was hard about 90% of the time just going thru all of my special clothing and deciding what I could get away with wearing to school that would light up my teacher and make her clitty into a full stiff dick that I could put to use. After looking at everything I decided that black lace top stockings would be exciting and could not be noticed under my school clothes. The big deal was what I called my "little black dress" which was actually a black nylon straight ha… Read more

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My Tranny Teacher 3

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After her amazing sneak peek Ms. Bennett had given me in class of her pink bra I was so ready for for a tutoring session after school. As I entered the classroom she was sitting at the desk and turned towards me popping a few buttons on her plain white blouse. She opened the two halves and asked me what i thought. "I think your are beautiful and your bra is making me very horny". "Good. Get in the office and strip to those pretty undies I know you are wanting to show me." I was down to panty, bra and stockings in an instant and sat in the chair on the "student" side of the office desk. Moments… Read more

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The Step Sister

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We had grown up in the same house for about three years. She is three years older than I am and went off to college while I was still in high school. I had caught glimpses of her before, but of course, just kept my mouth shut and dreamed about it at night. She had grown up beautifully in college, now at 5'8" with long blond hair, blue eyes and very nice tits. Cut to me being home on leave after basic training and getting ready to ship out to my first duty assignment overseas. I had been back home for about two or three days at… Read more

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My Tranny Teacher 2

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All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased. After that first afternoon with my english teacher. Ms Bennett (Becca), I could hardly walk home. Each step I felt my hard prick rubbing against my nylon panties with every step. Oh My! I had just spent what seemed like forever with my face pushed into her lacy panties, her nylons caressing the sides of my face, as I eagerly drained the big dick she had hidden in there. Now she wanted me to wear a bra as well to school if I wanted to spend private time with her again. That night I must have stroke… Read more

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A very VERY special visit.

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Crystal and I had been dating for almost 2 years.  We were nearly inseparablec and she almost immediately started staying with me in my trailer home, which was fine with me because I didn't have to masturbate, and she could suck "chrome off my hitch", if you get my point.  She had a voracious, insatiable appetite for sex and had no boundaries.    We had sex everywhere. We had a 3some with a guy she met at the grocery store,  a girlfriend in our trailer park, anal sex, public sex, nothing was off the table.  I couldn't get enough of her.  She blew me with… Read more

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The Doodle

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"I'm tired. Gonna call it a night," I said to my study partner. We'd been sitting in the library for nearly 8 hours and my body was almost as tight as my brain was sore. "Come on. Thirty more minutes," he said. "We got this." Jake was slowly becoming a friend. I can't say I knew him terribly well, but we were in the same philosophy class together, and a few others, and this particular semester was killing both of us. We chatted a bit in Professor Tiegan's class on Nietzche and he asked me if we could maybe get more done if we worked together. I agreed. Now, as the semester was winding down… Read more

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The Weekend (chapter 1)

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Chapter one. It was a summers day, sunny and warm. We decided to go for a walk, we packed some sandwiches, a few bottles of water and a picnic blanket in a bag and jumped in the car. Carrie was wearing a loose fitting top, a skirt, tights and a pair of slip ons. I was wearing tight black jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of trainers. While we drove along we were stopped at some traffic lights. I leant over to Carrie, put my hand on her cheek and turned her face to mine. I kissed her softly on her lips. Carrie felt herself starting to twitch as our tongues touched. As the lights changed to green, h… Read more

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My cute lil slave

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I am Sonia, a single woman living in Bangalore, India. I want to share this story which am sure will make a passionate reading... Three years back, I lived in a two bed room apartment. One day at work, one of my colleagues asked if I could have a girl at my place, from her town, as guest for a month, as she will be in the town for some training she needs a place to stay... the she was from a small town, about an hour drive from Bangalore. As I am very particular about discipline and cleanliness, I made a few conditions along with, she should not bring in friends when I am away or bring non-ve… Read more

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Michelle Discovers Black Cock - a true story Publi

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Michelle Discovers Black Cock - a true story The slutty times started for Michelle when she was going to college. She had a part-time office job at the same time. She loved to dress sexy at her job and tease the guys, and sometimes accepted invitations to go drinking with them after work, even though we were dating. One night at a bar, the guys talked her into volunteering to model lingerie for a charity fund raiser to fill in for another girl that had chickened out. She had been drinking and was feeling brave and thought it was no big deal since she would wear bra and thong under the lingeri… Read more

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My wife touched his cock

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My wife and I had been married for eighteen years when this incident took place, We had a typical marriage two k**s boy and a girl. After so many years of marriage we had sex maybe three or four times a month and only the missionary position nothing spectacular but we were satisfied, we had never tried anything out of the ordinary other than oral sex which was only done rarely when we were both feeling a little hornier than usual. My wife was a dish water blond and stood five feet four inches tall with 36dd tits and a nice round ass although she had put on some pounds and her tummy was a littl… Read more

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PANTYHOSE PRINCESS – PART 3 For the next two weeks I continued to worship Karen’s pantyhose. However, I was careful not to spend too much time with any one pair as I did not want them to lose their wonderful fragrance. Because two weeks had passed, I began to think Karen would not call and that she was simply being polite when she had invited me to her Christmas pageant. I really couldn’t blame her if that was the case. I was nearly four years older than her and if she thought about it she would know my job brings me into contact with a lot of women. By day 16 I told myself to stop sulking an… Read more

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Youthful Self Explorations A true story about me (

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When I was younger, I am 63 by the way, it was the summer after my 19th birthday that I found what was supposedly one of those plug-in massagers in the hall closet in my house. It had no attachments that I could find but it was one of those plug in types as I said , you were supposed to be able to screw something into the end. I could never find anything to actually use. So I made something. I found a long wooden dowel about 8 inches long and I carved it approximate shape of a dildo, a cock shaped dildo. I sanded it really good and I remember using clear coat on it several layers thick so it… Read more

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I Fucked the Boss Wife Blacken Published by 425ol

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I Fucked the Boss Wife Blacken As a black man it is never easy moving up the corporate ladder. I was a little lucky that I found a sponsor, as such, at the company I worked for. A man named Tony took me under his wing and greased the sk**s a bit for me. I almost felt like a family member. The day everything came together was the day Tony invited me to his home. I found out from other employees that Tony rarely invited anyone to his home, even his corporate equals. I drove over to Tony's house that Saturday morning. It was a palatial house with a couple expensive vehicles parked in the drivewa… Read more

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My Accounts Mexican Milf

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This is a story about how I landed my current affair with one of my accounts secretary’s who is the perfect kinky cheating milf. So I work in sales and part of my job is to get into accounts. Well it just so happened that this account in Illinois had a smoke show of a secretary. Early 40’s Mexican,, fit, take tits, tight little ass, and an attitude to match. She was always nice when I’d come in to speaks with my contacts.A little to nice so I’d flirt with her and make small talk. I asked for her number so I could set up meetings easier. She was reluctant at first but after I took her and othe… Read more

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The Agony And The Ecstasy--How I and My Girlfriend

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My first serious girlfriend was a nice Jewish girl. She was attentive, affectionate, loyal and considerate.....and VERY passionate! All of these traits were a double-edged sword, however. She expected that those traits be acknowledged, appreciated and reciprocated...or else! People said we made a good couple and--I would have to say on our own behalf--that, in truth, we were both of average looks. During the course of the first few weeks of our relationship I had seen her tits (36 C with nice nibbleable and suckable nipples when they got hard) and had massaged her clit. Man! Could she get go… Read more

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Pool Party

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Steve and I always talked about having sex with and around other people. It was one of those fantasies that I don't think either one of us thought we would actually play out, but I wasn't really shocked when he brought up the subject while we were sitting on the beach one afternoon. Just a little background first. My name is Erica, and I've known Steve for close to 30 years. I'm about 5'4" and weigh about 110. I have small breasts with ultra sensitive nipples. I don't shave my pussy smooth, but I do keep it neatly trimmed with the area around my lips and anus completely hairless. I'm not a Pla… Read more

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The Limo Driver Pt.1

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Paul was packing the last of his clothes, and things into his truck. Debbie was to be home shortly, on the table was signed divorce papers, all she needed to do was sign them, and she would have everything, the bank accounts, her car, and his beloved pond property. Paul wondered how his life come to this, just nine months ago he was kneeling in front of her proposing in church. One last thing leaving the portable DVD player with the papers with the post it note saying press play. Debbie and Paul dated and fell in love in high school. They went to the same college she majored in Interior Desi… Read more

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This is a true episode of my wife which happened two years back. She narrated the incident to me afterward in detail and I thought of sharing on the anonymity of the web. About my wife – Aged about 39 years and mother of one k**. She is good looking – a typical Bengali conservative wife, born & brought up in Kolkata–large doe like eyes, long hair, fair complexion and a height of about 5ft 2”. Well maintained 35-28-36 figure. She is quite proud of her overall looks, figure & personality and works in a private firm. The incident happened two years back when I was out of the country for a… Read more

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Just a little outside of my Jr. High School in Ormond Beach was a small trail that led to a clearing where the less reputable students would often gather in the mornings. The spot was simply known as The Rocks because of the three large coquina rocks where everyone sat. For those that aren’t familiar with coquina rocks, they are mostly small shells that are cemented together with fine sand, the Spanish built a large fort in St. Augustine, Florida with the stuff. The fort has survived the centuries and it’s very cool. But I digress, I’m sure that you’re not on this site looking for a geology or… Read more

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