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My gf lived with her sister and I would go over from time to time, but that meant we would have to sneak around when we wanted to fuck since we never really had the place to ourselves and her sister could come in on us at any moment. The place was pretty small. A living room and kitchen, a bathroom and a single bedroom. That meant they had to share a room. As bad as it sounds, that would lead to my encounter with her sister. It was late one night and I headed over to get me some pussy. I ended up texting her but got no response. I figured maybe she had fell asleep. Now usually her sister would… Read more

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My Sister Inlaw


Every couple of years my wife's family has a reunion of sorts-I like them and we all get along for the most part so I have fun at these things. We all get along except for my sister inlaw and her husband. She is a real snooty bitch. Kate is her name and she thinks she knows everything, everything she has is better than anyone else's. Her k**s are better. Here husband is just like her. I get a headache just thinking about her. And she is ugly too, while my wife is hot. I can't believe these two are related. Anyway we all got together and decided to go on a float trip, it is a popular thing to d… Read more

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The Grand Strategy Ch. 10


I didn't go home on Sunday. I had a promise for Monday, and didn't see how anything I might do on Sunday with Mom could add anything; I could only mess it up. Monday couldn't come soon enough. Normally I would have slept in on Monday, since the semester was over and I had no classes. While others in my class had arranged internships, I had other plans for my summer and did not want to be burdened with work. Besides, I had my own kind of internship in mind. I was awake Monday morning at the crack of dawn. I knew Dad's flight was a morning one, so I shaved, twice, showered, got dressed, and hea… Read more

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The Grand Strategy Ch. 09


The next two weeks raced by, without any chance for me to visit Mom again. We stayed in regular texting contact, though, and she understood the pressure I was under. At last the semester ended and, to my great surprise and joy I had finished in the top ten of the class. Me, in the top ten. I guess you can say I had been inspired to achieve, and you would be right. I had studied frantically so I could have free time on the weekends, and I was driven to excel so I could please Mom. Suddenly, pleasing Mom was in the forefront of every thing I did. I called the other Moms, Carol, Bridget, Aunt El… Read more

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My journey to sissification

Shemale Porn

I have always been a crossdresser and it was more of a way of life to me and not a sex fetish. It felt so natural and over the years I had become very comfortable with it. It was not a secret at work for I often wore feminine clothing such as girls jeans, blouses, and girls sandals. A few times I have worn business dresses, and always very conservative. I also always felt very comfortable with all the women at work and they treated me as if I were one of them. I would wear very light makeup, and always kept my hair very long. Although up to this story, I had never really dated men, even thoug… Read more

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Patty, my first.

First TimeHardcore

I saw her sitting alone at lunch, a cute blond with curly hair and a nice smile. I asked her if I could sit down, the cafeteria was very busy and I didn’t see any empty tables. She waived her fork at the chair across from her, I took this as a yes. We ate silently for a bit, then she broke the silence. “You’re not in my class are you?” She inquired. “Not sure.” I replied. “I’m a Junior, don’t recall seeing you in any of my classes, but I could be wrong.” “Nope.” She smiled. “I’m a sophomore.” “I should be in your class, but I started school late.” “I’m Patty, by the way.” “Hello Pa… Read more

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Testing a new experience with Mariana

AnalMatureLesbian Sex

After two months of marriage, I started to sense I needed more. I wanted to try something new; I wanted lesbian sex… My loving hubby was a wonderful lover, well hung and very gentle and efficient in bed; but I needed to experience caressing and kisses from another woman in my hot body. I had missed Helena, my old school mate, who I knew was positively a married bisexual babe. I finally met Mariana, a green eyed very nice brunette beauty, with a hot body to die for. It was incredible she was forty years old. She had divorced some time ago; due his husband had caught her in their marital bed en… Read more

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The calves of my sister


An afternoon i am in the car with my father, he drives and I'm sitted next to him at the passenger seat, at a certain point we stop at the edge of a square because we pick up my sister that is exited from that square, we were in the late spring toward end of may i remember :-P, the climate it's enough temperate, and my sister has a jacket at half sleeveds with a long black skirt that ends under the knees, naked legs and black shoes open with feet nude, after that she's got into the car (on the posteriors seats), for talking, she leans a little with the bust placing a bit herself behind the fro… Read more

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CHAPTER 4: GORAN’S PLAN The next morning Goran carried the two large packs to the corral where the borsin was still behaving himself. Cat struggled under a larger load of other items. They were leaving as soon as Goran made two more stops at craft shops. He hefted the packs onto the back of borsin and secured them. Cat was to secure everything else and meet him with the borsin who he talked firmly to about cooperating with his slave. Cat was surprised by the reaction from it as it looked sideways at C… Read more

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The calves of my sister


An afternoon i am in the car with my father, he drives and I'm sitted next to him at the passenger seat, at a certain point we stop at the edge of a square because we pick up my sister that is exited from that square, we were in the late spring toward end of may i remember :-P, the climate it's enough temperate, and my sister has a jacket at half sleeveds with a long black skirt that ends under the knees, naked legs and black shoes open with feet nude, after that she's got into the car (on the posteriors seats), for talking, she leans a little with the bust placing a bit herself behind the fro… Read more

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"...In My House..., Pt. II"

AnalHumorGroup Sex

***Reading "...Just a Stranger on a Bus..." and "...In My House..." will get you up to speed, but isn't necessary.*** I awoke to a mess of hair in my face. That wasn't unusual; what was unusual, however, was the color of the hair. Instead of red, a mess of honey blonde hair was in my face. The night came back to me in a blur, the memory giving me an instant boner. I had to pee, anyway, so I decided to go to the restroom, hoping the evacuation of my bladder would alleviate the morning wood I had been cursed with. I ninja'd out of bed, and padded quietly down the hall. Entering the bathroom, I… Read more

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Sunday Funday


I had a couple of hours to kill in between business appointments so I headed over to one of the oldest and busiest adult bookstores in our fair city. I paid my dollar entry fee, took my fistful of singles, and headed for the booths. There are 6 gloryhole booths all in a line at this establishment and one of the middle ones was open while 2 others were occupied. I figured my chances of getting some good head and of wrapping my mouth around a nice cock were looking good. I put a few bucks in the slot and totally ignored the movie screen. Instead, I looked through the gloryhole on my right and s… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Margaret

MatureHardcoreGroup Sex

It's amazing how things fall into place sometimes. Fate has a funny way working things out. An example would be my former volleyball coach, Margaret. I always admired her when she was a young teacher trying to get the best out of us, both as a team and as individuals. You could say it was my first girlcrush, even though I didn't really explore my lesbian desires back then. There was always a rumor that she liked girls, an unfair label that seemed to apply to all young female coaches. We've been pretty good friends after I gra… Read more

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Sex With Amy Jo Johnson (The Pink Ranger) updated


I had sex with Amy Jo Johnson on the set of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers while she was playing Kimberly Hart... the pink ranger. I once told her I wanted to eat her out. She replied by saying... We arranged to meet up in her dressing room. She was wearing the outfit you see in the photos below... When I arrived there, I saw her wearing the same outfit including the tight pink shorts. Keep… Read more

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Crossdresser for mature couple

FetishGroup SexMature

I am a bi crossdresser as may be apparent....and love pussy or cock. I registered on a swingers site looking for a meeting with similar people. I was actively looking for an older couple to have some fun with. To cut a long story short, I finally got talking to a guy called Bill. He and his wife could entertain a gurl like me for a fun filled evening, if I was game. We both had a list of dos and donts for the night and we went over a few ground rules etc. I was to be their maid and waitress for the evening. They were having their neighbours over for dinner and I was to be the hired help. I wou… Read more

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Weak ....Again

HardcoreLesbian SexTaboo

Kerri my girlfriend Kept licking my pussy, she loved the way I reacting to her. She didn't know the ONLY thing on my mind is that Big Fat dick of Victors and how he made me almost pass out. I had to stop her I know she licked his cum out of me. I was just so tired from cumin' all day. I slept through Sunday, couldn't come to work. I was sore and tired all i did Sunday was eat and sleep and sleep. I kept checking my phone to see if Victor called. He left a video, of him jerking off to the picture he took of me with my top and bra over my tits and my panties off. I know he wants to make me cum o… Read more

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Adi Learns to Squirt

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

John unlocked the front door. He had had a busy day at work, and was ready to crash on the sofa, watch a bit of TV and, if he could be bothered, cook something later. More likely just shove something in the microwave. He lived in a house share with another guy and 2 girls. The guy was a little older, in his 40s, and his car had gone from outside. He was only around when he had work on nearby anyway, and went back to his home in the South pretty often. The 2 girls were Adi, a slim and pretty Asian girl in her early 20s, and Wendy, a confident girl a few years older with a cute button nose and c… Read more

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The slow day at the office


The president and vice-president of the company didn’t show up on account of being in sunny and warm las vegas, during this wintry storm. My wife was out after having a baby and she was at home nursing the new baby. She was also at home with the older 1 ½ year old as I had him watching at work for the morning and she wanted him home with her after lunch. Just the secretary, myself and the tech staff were here today and this afternoon was even slower than normal. I was at my desk trying to find something to do as it was so slow and as a few of the tech staff trickled out, the secretary and I w… Read more

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Worshipping a Goddess – a perv’s steps to ecstasy

VoyeurFirst Time

I’d never have dreamed it when I was younger, but I’ve managed to personally worship 4 Goddesses – and on two occasions my Goddess was accompanied by another Goddess. First of all, you need to know what a Goddess is, or rather who She is. Without that you’re never going to manage it. Second, read my ‘Perv’s Guide to Girl-Worship’ – failing to follow those steps is likely to mean your worship will be cut short. How do you find a Goddess? That depends I guess on exactly what it is you’re looking for in your sex life. To me, as a wanker who only looks at girls in pictures, on video, or when… Read more

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BBC for the girls.


BBC for the Girls. Before we divorced, my ex-wife Pat and I spiced up our sex lives with that new thing called “social media”, and eventually exchanged details and photos on a site not dissimilar to Xhamster with Iris and Richard. Iris and Richard are a respectable middle class couple who lived a good fifty miles away. We arranged to meet them in a pub and were impressed, Iris being a pretty and petite primary school teacher and Richard, though a little overweight, tall and pleasing to Pat. We eventually accommodated each other for several weekends of naughty fun. The first time, they came t… Read more

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