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LAND OF NOD Chapter Two


Chapter TWO Thru the Doors of No Return Travis and Lizzy looked at each other and nervously walked through the opening into a dark stone walled room, the wall closed automatically behind them and they stood for a few seconds in the darkness. Suddenly they could hear many footsteps scampering around the room and then twenty large candles were simultaneously lit around the perimeter of the room by people who quickly scurried away once they were lit. The young man and woman were standing in the center of the room on a raised marbled inlaid circle on the floor. They were now dressed… Read more

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Welcome Readers to the LAND OF NOD. I will warn you that this story starts out slowly, well only for a short while, and then it gets intense and graphic. But I am sure as you read thru the chapters you will enjoy what happens in the LAND OF NOD. Chapter One Arrival at the ‘LAND OF NOD’ ‘Welcome to the Land of Nod’. Travis stood in the warm air of the early spring morning for a few minutes starring at the arched sign above the wrought iron double gates set within the twelve foot high hand laid stone fence. The fence and the gate gave one the feeling that things were a little… Read more

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the husband

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Well it had been a week and we had made plans to get together this weekend with my friends’ husband. He had found out about us when he caught his wife playing with her brother and she told him everything about him and even me. He said he wanted to check it out and fuck me in the ass if I looked as nice as she said so we set it up for this weekend. I took a shower and shaved everything I loved to be smooth and checked out my outfits and decided on a red outfit because it looked so hot. I went and played with the doll sitting on her big cock and fucking my ass deep for a while making sure I was… Read more

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Two friends are caught in a web of sex, love, and supernatural lust. A starting point guard on a college basketball team discovers there’s an even better hoop to shoot. Brandon and Jody were best buddies from the moment Jody arrived at the college dorm, although aside from their love of basketball, both boys had very little in common. Jody grew up in the upper-middle-class neighborhood, his father a successful second generation, German venture capitalist, while his mother an equally successful interior decorator. Throughout his young life, Jody Schuster received all the luxuries afforded thro… Read more

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Wall Hanging

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Hello Loraine. Here is a fantasy I have been amusing myself with. I agree to be a piece of wall art for a dinner party a rich man is giving. Two friends and I make the preparations ahead of time. We build a box, that fit the dimensions of a doorway. I am halfway encased in the box. My breasts, cock and face rise above the horizon, and the rest of me is plastered in. It is as if, the front layer of me was peeled off. My arms are behind my back, in leather cuffs. My ass is exposed, for practical purposes. At the house, I am carefully wheeled into an open doorway. A little set dressing makes it… Read more

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Mrs Anderson Part 2


Mrs. Anderson Part 2 See Part 1 before reading part 2 As I walked up the stairs I felt an odd mix of excitement, nervousness and embarrasment. How was Julie gonna react? Had she told Kurt? And why had she walked straight into the bathroom when she knew I was in there? She hadn´t even knocked. Only one rational answer: she had wanted to see me naked... At the moment I was to drained and exhausted to get a hard on, but I started to feel horny again nervertheless. I met Kurt in the hallway. He looked at me and said: "Feeling refreshed? I nodded. "Dinner´s ready in the dining room." Ther… Read more

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First Time With A Horny North Indian Couple In Ban


Hi guys, let me tell you About me first. I am Mr.South bull aged 29. This happened after 3rd lockdown. I met this beautiful couple Mr. and Mrs. Sharma from Bangalore online and started to share the fantasy. Sharma is 38 and his wife is 32. I had been chatting with this new Indian couple here for almost two month now. We exchanged our pictures and it seemed that they both were eager to meet my 7-inch thick bull dick! My plan was to meet them for a coffee and then to go to their home as their guest for the evening and night. I had met a few other couples from the site previously but this was… Read more

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I left Rose Ann to sleep it off on the bathroom floor. Returning to the kitchen, I'd just cleaned up the last of the mess we'd made when I heard her retching up another offering to the Porcelain Goddess. I hurried to hold her hair out of the way and gave her more water in a glass to swirl and spit when she was done. Afterwards she was leaning against the wall next to the toilet paper roll and moaning weakly. I asked her if she wanted help to her bed. Keeping her eyes shut she shook her head no, saying everything went swirly wh… Read more

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My Wife outs me as a sissy cuck and BBC lover

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My wife and I were out getting groceries and she wanted to stop at the liquor store to get some beer. I had plenty at home so she just went in while I stayed in the truck. A little later she comes walking out with a nice-looking black guy. They are both coming to the truck as they are talking and my wife is laughing. He opens the door and she gets in. I’m a little confused as she looks at me with a smile. She says, “this is Brad, and he’s coming over tonight to fuck us both, but especially you.” He says hi and I return the greeting. He says, “your wife tells me you’re a sissy and love black co… Read more

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French fuck - Part 2: OMG

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Day 3. Sunday. After the exertions of the previous evening we slept well and woke late. We had missed breakfast at the hotel so we rang room service and they sent over a tray of continental breakfast - croissants and rolls with a pot of tea (for me) and coffee (for him) which we devoured. The day was another lovely one and it was still very warm. Being a Sunday there was very little to do as everything was closed so we went back to the beach, not really expecting a repeat of the previous day but just for some warmth and swimming in the sea, and, to be honest, the freedom of taking our clothes… Read more

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The King's Sex Slave

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This is one of my fantasies. I fantasize about being sexually desired by an older man with power, with authority, and with means, like a King. this fantasy I a prisoner in a foreign land, in a kingdom. The guards escort me, my hands cuffed, out of my cell and to the King's bedroom. After entering, the doors shuts behind us and the guards are still there, one on each side of me, their rifles ready to shoot me if I tried to get away. There on a luxurious round bed surrounded by curtains, laying on his sid… Read more

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Sneaking outside to meet the neighbors

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This covid-19 shit has really put me in a bind I have been taking care of the elderly men who lives in my neighborhood going on 3 months now. The only thing I get out of sucking there old dicks is a fast fucking none of the old fuckers can last longer than a few good hard pushes & there blowing cum all in me. So earlier I sent my hole neighborhood a email saying from now on you have to pay $50 each time. I've not been getting nothing from anyone that comes to a end now if you don't like it then stay with your wife's. It wasn't long until I heard my phone ring it was Ms. Campbell call me sh… Read more

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Clean and discreet


I consider myself a somewhat happily married 36 year old mother of two husband has gone from being a attentive caring affectionate stud to a unavailable useless jockstrap. since he's started working for this corporation he has become Mr. Inconsistent. he always has an excuse when it comes time to spend time with me or the boys. He's called me up to say “honey I'm gonna be late getting home tonight” so many times and I'm sick of it, as I sit here looking at my wedding ring I'm starting to regret getting married to him. I asked him if he could pick up some things from the grocery store."… Read more

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Ever see another man finger fuck your wife?


Every little detail of sharing my wife was exciting, see how see behaved, seeing how they used her right in front of me was so hot. The scenario was obvious to all our men friends, I got a blast from watching my wife being well fucked and she was all for it enjoying some intense orgasms in the process. If you shared your wife regularly then there would have been a few times you've seen her being fingered, another man pushing 1 or 2 or 3 fingers into her married cunt. I enjoyed watching Nigel do just that to my on heat wife. With Nigel Monica always wore her white corset, stockings and matchin… Read more

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Sissy gang banged in bar

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I was horny as hell and wanted someone to suck my cock. I found a website address4sex where guys advertise that they will suck you off. I came across an old guy named, Jeremy who told me he is a sissy who likes dressing in his wife’s clothes and he wanted to suck my cock so I said OK meet me in a bar I know and make sure you wear your girl's undies. This is all true and if you want to see his pics and his hot wife I didn’t think he would turn up but he did the stupid fag. There was a crowd of us all real men who like their booze and girls… Read more

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My Affair with the Queen

CelebrityFirst TimeTaboo

Queen Isabella was very beautiful. It was impossible to keep our relationship professional. Queen Isabella was so beautiful, and I secretly wanted her. Probably every man working in the palace did. Her husband, Leonardo, paid little, if any, attention to her and had several mistresses hidden away that he visited regularly. But being a good Queen, she ignored it outwardly, but I knew she was hurting inside. I felt sorry for her, but I was only her personal secretary and could not do anything. I had to be there… Read more

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Ever see another man ejaculate in, on your wife?


Every detail of sharing my wife was so arousing for the both of us to discuss, relive after our get together with a male friend and prior to meeting with them, read other true stories, great to relive and share those hot memories. This chapter is all about the men ejaculating their cum either deep inside her, over her body or into her face, much to my viewing pleasure. Over the duration of sharing my wife for all those years getting it on either 1 to 3 month intervals with them (we did have a normal marriage in between) I estimate she experienced some 200 plus cum shooting orgasms from the 5… Read more

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The beginnings of my curiosity (pt3)

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So far it had bee a great day! I had traded a friend for some new nudie magazines and on the way out of his garage I found some More that he had thrown in the trash. From there I went home an put them to good use! I had just finished Jacking off to a explosive orgasm and was sitting on the couch in my basement catching my breath. My parents were not home. Mom was out doing laundry, Dad was at work. I figured I had another two hours or so before I had to worry about either of them getting home. My first Masturbation session of he day had taken all of about twenty minutes including clean up. I f… Read more

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Wife cheats with neighbor who's like my own s


Wife cheats with neighbor who's like my own son 5 (reposted because of accidental deletion) There I was sitting on the bed looking at the hotel videos Heather had on her phone meant for Connie to see. My pants down, cock in hand as I watched several of my beautiful wife, her fulfilling my fantasies with several young guys getting it from both ends and even both holes at the same time. I am sure they were Jason’s football friends while I cant say who was holding the phone getting it all. There was oral, plenty of anal even a submissive side to Heather while she was wearing those black panti… Read more

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A New Relationship With My Mother

TabooFirst Time

A New Relationship with my Mother My Mother took care of my basic needs but she always seemed closed off from me. She would flinch when I hugged her. That all changed after she had an unexpected pregnancy. I was 17 at the time and she was forty, a menopause baby. Mom was a new woman, smiling and huggee, sporting bigger, firmer breasts than I had ever seen. I noticed they were growing when she complained that her bras were too small. This surprised me because mom had large breasts. I used to go into her bedroom and look and feel her bras. The label was 38DD. Once I even got up the ne… Read more

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